I’m Not as Broken As I Feared

As I increased my mileage for the fall marathon training cycle, a new pain arose in my right arch. It would go away a mile or two into each run, but would announce itself whenever the foot was otherwise rested. I assumed it was the dreaded plantar fasciitis because, well, that’s the most common thing that matched the symptoms.


A pair of my shoes got retired today, and as I deconstructed them for clean-up and a new life with “Back on My Feet”, I discovered a tiny spot on the inside of the shoe that matched the spot where my foot hurt. The lining material had torn and bunched into a small lump next to the sock liner that was continuously pressing into the arch.

Small spot causes big pain
There’s the rub!

Lesson – most things that hurt you have a simple cause. Take the time to look for it and save yourself a lot of grief!